Masjid Hajjah Fatimah

Hajjah Fatimah Mosque is located along Beach Road in the historic Kampong Glam area. The mosque was designed in a mix of Islamic and European architectural styles, and completed in 1846. The mosque was named after Hajjah Fatimah, a wealthy businesswoman. It is the first local mosque to be named after a woman. The mosque used to be known as Java Road Mosque, after an adjoining road that has since been expunged. Hajjah Fatimah Binte Sulaiman was born in Malacca, Malaysia, to a family of successful traders. Her year of birth is believed to be 1754. She married Daing Chanda Pulih, a Bugis prince and merchant from South Sulawesi (then known as Celebes). Pulih had a trading post in Singapore, and brought Fatimah with him to the island. Pulih died while Fatimah was still young, and she combined his business with her own boats and built a successful steamship and sailboat-based trading operation.
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4001 Beach Rd, Singapore 199584
+65 6297 2774