Masjid Penempatan Melayu Sembawang

Near the greenery and border. The nearer it gets to Malaysia it becomes like Malaysia. Located near Passion Wave @Sembawang. Is in a Malay Settlement.One of the oldest kampong mosque. The ambience of how kampong Is still there. This mosque are situated near the end of Andrew avenue. It is one of the three buildings left standing, one of it is PA water Venture Sembawang. The mosque is surrounded by undergrooved and bushes. One’s upon a time, the mosque was surrounded by Malay village houses, Kampong Petempatan Melayu, Kampong Wak Hassan and Kampong Lubang bom. Now the villages all being demolished to make away for development.The people, all have being relocated to Yishun,Sembawang and Woodland.
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27B Jln Mempurong, Singapore 759055
+65 6257 7614